I am tired tp the people who always said ‘I am not perfect, but I am limited edition’. Like what? Protected Animals? Simpanse. No, Mate. People who always say I am limited edition usually is a loser or a people who have problem about self-confidence. Kata yang mereka gunakan untuk menghibur diri. Hanya sedikit yang benar-benar pantas dan wajar menggunakan kata itu. Not easy to be a limited edition.
Don’t be an ordinary people who always do and worry ordinary things everyday. They are not limited edition, they are ordinary edition. Same edition. Limited not only about quantity, but also about quality. Yes, for a quantity you’re the only one and different from another, but what kind of quality that can make you called a limited edition?
Do extraordinary things and achieve somethings, then you can proud to call yourself a limited edition. Not Like Simpanse, but like Ferrari. Golden Ferrari, infact. And I can’t wait to see you do extraordinary things. It’s so exciting and fun to see and do something impossible and extraordinary.

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